Dylan comes home today!

His bilirubin is borderline this morning, and he appeared jaundiced to me last night. So, he will need to lay in the sun. :-). We had special grandparent time last night and we got to hold him for long periods of time, in between breastfeedings.

I am so in love, already. I pray that Shaun and Jeena stay here in NJ. Right now, they plan to move to Florida after Lance's wedding in April. I don't say a word, but I can hope!

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I feel like I'd love a good scream.

Mike is having his thyroidectomy on Friday. If that's not nerve-wracking enough, now Amanda has discovered some kind of mass in her nasal passages. Her nose is actually no longer symmetrical (the dimple on one side is gone)! She went to the ENT today and he hasn't ruled anything out, including a tumor, and wants to see if he can aspirate anything on Christmas Eve. However, she would have to come off the Coumadin for five days, and she probably will not get approval to do that, due to the blood clots in her lung and the one in her leg.

2012 has sucked medically for my loved ones.

Right now, I feel like I just want to crawl out of my skin, I am so stressed. Just getting ready to be off for two days from the office is a lot, but you all know how that is! Even before Amanda discovered this problem, I had asked Mike to put off the thyroidectomy for another few months or so, monitor it with a scan and another biopsy, but he declined, because our business is slow Christmas week. But, it's his body and decision and it's my job to support him. My inner child just wants to run and hide for a while, though. Do you ever feel that way?

And of course the pall of what happened in Connecticut is hanging over all of us. It's just not a good time. Would appreciate prayers for my nerves and, of course, Mike and Amanda! (And I keep all of you close in prayer, as well).
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I did some house cleaning of the friends list. I'm making this public in case anyone want to be put back on. I only deleted people who never respond to my posts.

So, respond below. Thank you!
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I need your assistance!

My sweet dogs have been in a photo contest for over a year and they are finally in third place. However, their hold on third is shakey; the fourth place dog, a PUG! is catching up. Please go and vote. No registration requiried. It will take just two clicks of your time. Please ask your friends, too! I'd like to kick this PUG! back a bit. LOL

Thank you! I'll post an update later, but my rash is gone and has not returned, despite my finishing the oral meds.