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home of the brave by eyesthatslay


Cindi's Cubby

Gently Tended Thoughts

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So, what happened to that resolution, you ask?
peanuts dear LJ by eyesthatslay
The Live Journal app, that's what.  I had no idea that the app was no longer working/available.  That's just crazy.  I could post weekly from the app, no problem.

Not sure how often I'll be here, after all.  I need to back up my LJ, it seems.  I have a Dreamwidth.  I just have absolutely no time to figure out how to do it.

Sheesh, journaling one's life shouldn't cause such angst.

ETA:  I don't think it really matters, after seeing my Friends Feed today.  I'll be visiting a few, to stay current with their lives, but will not be going through my Feed.  Not after what I saw today.  I am sick and tired of seeing stuff about the US Presidential Election.  I just can't.

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Hello there! So glad to see you, Cindi!

The import from LJ to DW just runs once you've set it up. Buncha people jumped ship and it ran slowly, but finished in a few hours.

The trick to crossposting is to have LJ password and DW passwords that match. And if you're me, change 'em again and then change 'em AGAIN, and it will finally work. It's a bit frustrating but worked after I tried about ten times. Seriously!

Looking at your LJ - your dog ATE your partial plates?? Plus, you're so pretty. You look really young, like you could be my daughter.

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