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home of the brave by eyesthatslay


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Merry Christmas!
home of the brave by eyesthatslay
I'm posting from my phone until I figure out why posting directly to LJ causes problems when using a keyboard (if you didn't see my prior post, it starts out fine, but then some letters don't show up when I depress the keys -- both at home and at work).

I hate typing on my phone, even though I have the iPhone 6 Plus.

Anyway...! Christmas!

Mike and I calculated that this is our 37th Christmas together!

Our Bichon Frise, Isabella, is five!

Joey is around eight!

We had Ethan Tuesday night through most of Christmas Eve, taking him back home in time to fall asleep so Santa could come! He's almost seven. Really!

Amanda and Brandon

Dylan received a small power wheels in Florida today. The kids are visiting Jeena's family this year.

Our granddaughter, Adelyn

We all celebrated this past Saturday since Shaun and Lance were obligated to their inlaws this year.

I served individual stuffed game hens on my mom's Christmas china.

Dad is not doing too good. He has gained 70 lbs. of water weight. He's in an assisted living facility raping him for what money is left and he will have to leave when he goes on Medicaid. But these are all his decisions. I've washed my hands. It's all very complicated and I'm not looking for advice. I don't mean to sound curt, truly, but I've run the gamut with him and have nothing left.

I hope your Christmas or Hanukkah was wonderful!

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Great photos! You sure have some cute grandchildren.

They sure are! Thank you! Happy New Year!

Which browser are you using when you try to post from your computer(s)?
It sounds like a browser issue and LJ is not playing well with IE and Chrome and Opera from what I've heard lately. It seems to work best with Firefox.

I love all your pictures but I love how festive your table looks with your mom's china and the gorgeous centrepiece! The children's delight is beautiful!

Btw, I did not send you a new Nativity figure this year because where I went they barely had any at the stalls. This confirms to me it's a Bavarian tradition mostly in Germany as they are the ones with the wood.carving heritage. This year we were up in Köln and Aachen for the markets and it's so different form down south!

You know what? I used Firefox on my laptop. ::facepalm:: And I have IE on this new computer and at work. I cannot add Firefox at work, but I will here at home. Thank you so much, Donna!

That is odd because I only use Chrome and have for a very long time with no issues on LJ. But what ever works for you is what you need to go with :).

Oh GOOD! Weird stuff like that is usually a browser problem. I hope that solves it, at least at home!

Looks like a very merry Christmas all around. Great photos.

Great pictures! Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas.

I understand the Dad thing. No criticism here as family is difficult to be around & work with at times. *hugs*

I know you understand. My dad and I actually haven't seen each other for months. Thank you!

What a beautiful Christmas. I love the dinner table setting and I know you are thrilled to have a reason to use it. All the babies are adorable, both two and four legged :). You are so blessed.

I am glad you have come to terms with your dad and his choices. You are not being curt, only truthful and realistic. It sounds like he may have some congestive heart failure going on with the water weight? Sad he turns the help offered by his family away but it is his choice to make, good or bad.

Hi, Donna. Thank you! Yes, my father was diagnosed with CHF in 2013, Parkinson's in early 2011. He has osteoarthritis terribly, too.

The grandbabies are adorable! What great ages.

I'm sorry about your dad. I think you're being realistic, and you did the best you could. *hugs*

Precious grandchildren!

Not a lot you can do about that Dad situation that you haven't already thought your way through. I totally understand. arrgh.

Hope you and Mike enjoy the rest of the holiday season!

*hugs* for the unpleasant stuff.
Congrats on the 37 yr. anniversary. :)
<3 Thanks for sharing the pics, cute kids all around.

The pictures are great! Your Christmas decorations are beautiful...your house looks lovely.

The grandkids are so adorable, and have grown so much! Time flies, huh?

I'm sorry to hear about your dad. Are you able to visit him where he's living now?

What a beautiful family you have--such cute grandchildren.

I'm sorry about your father's situation. We had a headstrong MIL who wouldn't let us help her make good decisions. It's frustrating and sad, but there isn't much you can do for those loved ones until and unless they get so bad that they are incapable of making decisions. By that time, they've made some horrible financial mistakes that you are helpless to avoid. My husband felt terribly conflicted and troubled, but there was nothing he could have done short of taking his mother to court to declare her incompetent. Not wanting to do that, his hands were tied. I hope you aren't suffering the same angst, because you know this is out of your hands.

Lovely home. (((hugs)))

Lovely pictures!

No advice on the father front - mine is busy flying the batshit flag high and center, so I feel your pain.

Beautiful pics, Cindi...sorry I'm coming in late on this...don't know how I missed this post..**have you ever found a solution to your posting here on LJ because I have the identical problem and it's driving me crazy...makes it very difficult to post here, as you know. *hugs*

Happy Birthday! Hope you're doing well ;)

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