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home of the brave by eyesthatslay


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Yes, I'm begging again.
Christmas Cabin by eyesthatslay
If you have $5.00...$10.00...please.

Yesterday, I lost yet another friend, Valerie, to Angiosarcoma. She had recently been married when diagnosed last year. Her husband is a big, loving teddy bear who never thought twice about staying right by her side. All dreams of a long life together and children vanished as the chemo ravaged her body.

Yes, volunteering with Angiosarcoma Awareness, Inc. has opened my heart to a lot of hurt. But what I gain from knowing these wonderful people far makes up for that, even if they are gone too, too fast.

I am relatively healthy. I need to act. Therefore, on February 8, my family will be driving two hours to the nearest Cycle for Survival center in Equinox, NJ where I will get on a stationary bike and peddle as long as I can until the other take over for me. I shouldn't do this...I'm overweight, out of shape, may hurt my back and be out of work, but I must.

Please donate. Thank you, pondhopper, cathyteach2 and eyesthatslay for already doing so.


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Oh, no.... Valerie... so sad. *HUGS* Ride, Cindi, ride!

How terribly sad about Valerie. Her poor husband.

I will sponsor, I always intended to! It being held in February, I felt I had some time to do so. (I really do budget my "Do what I want" money month to month now. ) That you are begging again makes me feel bad, that I didn't communicate my intentions to you better!

I'm so sorry about your friend, Valerie. Another one taken too soon. We all have to help find a cure!

Cyndi, thank you so much! It was Valerie's death that made me ask again. I'm being utterly obnoxious, I know. Thank you, again! :-)

I'm SO sorry about Valerie, Cindi. How tragic :o(

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