Opalescence (opalescence) wrote,

Stuck is good!

I'm stuck in a chair at my hair salon while highlights and base color do their job. Then I am driving right down the road to watch Dylan while Shaun and Jeena get out for a couple of hours.

Meanwhile, Mike is at home waiting for Ethan to arrive and they will go to see the movie Frozen together. Amanda is joining them. Ethan is staying overnight! I'm sure he will want to bake cookies tomorriw. It's supposed to snow!

No pay until Monday, so no shopping this weekend. I will wrap the little I have. I really should practice making braciole on Sunday, which I want to serve on Christmas with my lasagna. And if my Christmas cards arrive, I can get them signed and ready to mail. If they don't, I will knock them out at work next week.

Tomorrow Mike is repointing the fire brick in our fireplace so that we can have safe fires this winter. :-)

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Tags: via ljapp
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