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Cindi's Cubby

Gently Tended Thoughts

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Dylan's First Halloween

Dylan was a monster for Halloween
 photo DSCF0006_zps723c4579.jpg

Brandon, Amanda and Dylan
 photo DSCF0015_zpsca8267fb.jpg

Me, Dylan and Mike
 photo DSCF0022_zpsae872b4d.jpg

Jeena, Shaun and their precious baby.
 photo DSCF0034_zps188561b5.jpg

Joey and Isabella watching us take photos from the stairs. :-)
 photo DSCF0043_zps1ea723dd.jpg

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Just precious, Cindi...you all look wonderful...thanks so much for sharing! :o)

Cutest monster ever. I am having so much fun with my family. Thank you.

awww Dylan ! Great pics

I love the cute, warm costumes that are being made for babies lately! Great photos!

They got that at Carter's for $12.00. Jeena is very thrifty.

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