Opalescence (opalescence) wrote,

Happy Saturday and a Few Pics!

It's cool here in New Jersey with clear, sunny skies! I can't even open up downstairs this morning, but I should be able to by noon or so. I love this weather.

What are you doing today? Mike bought a battery-powered hedge trimmer, so I am a bit fearful for our shrubbery. :-) I am just doing the normal cleaning and laundry. Tomorrow we are driving down towards the shore to finish a couple of our cases and then will have lunch at the Red Lion Inn, which is an old haunt of ours.

Ethan's First Day of Kindergarten!

 photo EthanKindergarten3_zps54b2b4b3.jpg

 photo EthanKindergarten5_zps76b277c9.jpg

 photo EthanKindergarten4_zps21b11f31.jpg

 photo EthanKindergarten6_zps7ba3537f.jpg

Cute Pic of Amanda and Brandon

 photo BrandonandAmandaAugust242013_zps45c107f1.jpg
Tags: ethan, my children

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