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Shaun's Birthday
Today is my firstborn's 33rd birthday. Time surely does fly! Their complex has a clubhouse with an outdoor pool and barbeque area. It is lovely. We had a cookout there, enjoying wings and barbequed chicken, grilled corn on the cob and potato salad. Jeena did a great job, considering that she had to bring over coolers to keep the food safe, all of the beverages, paper products, plus Dylan and his baby stuff. We had a lot of fun!

After swimming and a bottle, Dylan passed out. He is seven months old now and is a joy.

Dylan 8/18/13 photo Dylansevenmonths_zpsbb39c48a.jpg

Mike and I are so proud of the son, the husband and the father that Shaun has become.

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Happy birthday to Shaun! And OMG Dylan is such a beautiful boy!

Thank you. We are a bit biased, but feel that he's pretty enough to be a girl, lol.

That is one of the prettiest babies I've ever seen.
Look at those eye lashes!

Aw, thank you. His parents are quite lovely. I know he will be just as beautiful inside, too.

He's very handsome.

And Happy Birthday to Shaun.

Beautiful beautiful baby...love him...happy birthday to Shaun...everyone looks so happy...glad you had such a great time...love Shaun's name...if my first daughter had been a boy, the name Shaun/Sean was on my short list! :o)

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OMG what a beautiful baby.

Happy Birthday to your son. It was a beautiful day here, too.

What a love of a child. He's so beautiful. I foresee a career as a stunning male fashion model.

Aren't you proud of Shaun!?! I don't wonder. How lovely to have this turn out so beautifully.

What a cute little boy!

Sounds like a wonderful day. Happy Birthday however late to Shaun.

It sounds like a perfect day. Dylan is completely adorable!!

That was a fast seven months! He is beautiful.

Such long legs on that little guy.

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