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home of the brave by eyesthatslay


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peanuts dear LJ by eyesthatslay
I did some house cleaning of the friends list. I'm making this public in case anyone want to be put back on. I only deleted people who never respond to my posts.

So, respond below. Thank you!

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hi :) I saw you removed me from friends list. I haven't been able to comment as often as I should I know so no worries :) I hope everything goes well with you :D I did like being friends since we had politics in common hehe :) Good luck!

I think our ages are so different, I just can't relate. I think you're on my Facebook yet I don't even know your name.

Oh yes, I do have you on Facebook so that's good :) It could definitely be the ages :) thanks for having me and thanks for putting up this post. I would have wondered what I did to get removed :)

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