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home of the brave by eyesthatslay


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peanuts dear LJ by eyesthatslay
I did some house cleaning of the friends list. I'm making this public in case anyone want to be put back on. I only deleted people who never respond to my posts.

So, respond below. Thank you!

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Hi honey buns. I'm glad I can read this.
I haven't been writing or lurking much these days.
Life is crowding in a bit.

hi :) I saw you removed me from friends list. I haven't been able to comment as often as I should I know so no worries :) I hope everything goes well with you :D I did like being friends since we had politics in common hehe :) Good luck!

I think our ages are so different, I just can't relate. I think you're on my Facebook yet I don't even know your name.

Oh yes, I do have you on Facebook so that's good :) It could definitely be the ages :) thanks for having me and thanks for putting up this post. I would have wondered what I did to get removed :)

It's always a tough choice when it comes down to reassessing one's friend's list.
(((hugs))) just because!

Well, when you can't remember who the person is, it's time to let go. In one instance, I've commented and commented and tried to get "in," but I've come to realize it's futile.

(Deleted comment)
I was a new friend of yours and it happens I am returning full throttle and will be sharing some intensely personal stuff.

I added you back. If you find that my posts are overwhelming with the personal, just delete me. No hard feelings. It's where I come to pour out my heart and I feel very vulnerable. Thank you.

I'd like to get to know you better. But if you feel the need to delete me, I understand.

I intended to keep you on the list because you *do* respond and I'm looking forward to learning more about you, too. *hugs*

You're welcome....and LOVE the icon!

:-D Snag it! I forget who made it but it will be on my icon page.

I still read your posts! Even if I'm terrible at commenting!

Oh, I thought you were gone. I've been gone, so forgive me. I've added you back. Thank you.

Don't know that I ever respond USEFULLY, but I do sometimes respond...

I've gotten a lot out of what you've had to say, actually. Never even thought to delete you. *hugs*

It is tough to delete people on here. One response I got when I asked if they would post & comment was probably not. At least the person was honest and the move to delete was easier on my part.

LOL I'm talking about people I *never* hear from, pretty much, and then some newer friends I added without even thinking and I'm having trouble getting to know them where I can comment coherently.

I know exactly what you are talking about as I did the same thing. Just had to add my 2 cents worth! LOL

I've not been an exemplary LJ friend lately, but I plan on mending my ways...

You're *much* better than I! I am NOT talking about you, silly woman!

Hi Cindi...are you accepting new friends? I've been a friend of pondhoppher, jazzglo and mountain mamafor years...have just noticed some of your responses to them and really liked what you had to say...please add me if you're taking new friends. I think I could learn a lot from you! :o)...Catherine

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