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home of the brave by eyesthatslay


Cindi's Cubby

Gently Tended Thoughts

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Some photos
home of the brave by eyesthatslay

A couple of pics!


My birthday prezzie from Amanda and Mike!

Ethan started soccer!


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What a lovely post, Cindi! It's full of beautiful beings and a gorgeous ring... :-)


Thanks for Shari g

Wow! The ring is gorgeous, and Ethan has gotten so big!

Ethan got big! What have you been feeding him.

Ethan has really grown! Love that ring!!

Sheesh your surrounded by so much cute!
That ring is beautiful.
And happy late birthday.

Ethan has become a real kid, having outgrown the toddler stage.

I love the ring. And the dogs are cute too.

What a "good things" post! Love your pups. That ring is gorgeous. And what a big boy! Ethan doesn't look like a baby any longer.

I can't believe how big Ethan has gotten!

Beautiful ring!

Sweet pups!

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