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Cindi's Cubby

Gently Tended Thoughts

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I need your assistance!
My sweet dogs have been in a photo contest for over a year and they are finally in third place. However, their hold on third is shakey; the fourth place dog, a PUG! is catching up. Please go and vote. No registration requiried. It will take just two clicks of your time. Please ask your friends, too! I'd like to kick this PUG! back a bit. LOL

Thank you! I'll post an update later, but my rash is gone and has not returned, despite my finishing the oral meds.


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Just voted Cynthia. They are adorable!

I'm voting every day!

That pic of Tito is just precious!!!! Awwww! Bella and Joey thank you, Aunt Donna! LOL

Voted several times.

Btw, do both of you like watermelon?

I voted, but was I in time? Your post was from the 25th. Hope I was in time.

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