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home of the brave by eyesthatslay


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Amanda is home.
home of the brave by eyesthatslay

He did it again. She's home with us. Mike will move her back this weekend. More later.

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Oh, poor Amanda. That jerk...there aren't words for how crappy that is.

Just read your previous post about this. So sorry to hear it. She will be ok, she has a loving family to support her. But I know her heart is hurting now, and yours as well.


*hugs* to you all. It's a damn hard lesson for her to learn, for sure, and her heart will be broken for a good while, but in the long run she'll be wiser for it all. Next time she'll follow her head along with her heart.

I'm sorry for her pain, but glad she is home now. She should never forget this lesson. Now hopefully his mom finds out what he did.


I know it doesn't make her feel one whit better, but it really is better she found out about this before she actually married him. It's just too bad that it did turn out this way when everyone thought him to be one of the good guys. (((hugs)))

I'm so sorry. I know she feels too wretched to take comfort that it happened now and not later.

Well... better to find out now and if they had married. But still, what a crappy situation all around. ANd what a jerk!

Why do good women find the bad guys? I've had my share. I'm so GLAD she has her family! She'll get through this with your help!

It's hard to be a good judge of personality until you've lived close enough to a person for a good long while.I guess, if nothing else, it's good she found out now where his real tendencies lie. My heart aches for her and for you as a mother who has seen her daughter go through similar situations. You just want to go beat up the jerk, right? How dare he stomp on her heart and betray her like that, especially after she put all her trust and love up front.


I'm so glad Amanda has you and Mike and a home to return to. That will help her through this in a big way.

What a jerk Brandon has turned out to be.

(((hugs))) for all of you...

So sorry to hear it... *hugs* for you and Amanda.

If you need devious revenge on the jerk, I'd be happy to help :)

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Oh poor Amanda! I'm so sorry

Poor Amanda. She gave him a second chance and he completely blew it.

I'm sorry to hear that. But better like in the saying "Lieber ein Ende mit Schrecken als ein Schrecken ohne Ende." = It's better to make a painful break than draw out the agony.

How awful for Amanda! I guess the only good thing is that she found out now rather than later.


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