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Cindi's Cubby

Gently Tended Thoughts

So, what happened to that resolution, you ask?
peanuts dear LJ by eyesthatslay
The Live Journal app, that's what.  I had no idea that the app was no longer working/available.  That's just crazy.  I could post weekly from the app, no problem.

Not sure how often I'll be here, after all.  I need to back up my LJ, it seems.  I have a Dreamwidth.  I just have absolutely no time to figure out how to do it.

Sheesh, journaling one's life shouldn't cause such angst.

ETA:  I don't think it really matters, after seeing my Friends Feed today.  I'll be visiting a few, to stay current with their lives, but will not be going through my Feed.  Not after what I saw today.  I am sick and tired of seeing stuff about the US Presidential Election.  I just can't.

Dusting off the cobwebs!
peanuts dear LJ by eyesthatslay

It's been nearly a year since I last updated my poor, neglected Live Journal.  I finally downloaded Chrome and now I have no problem typing my entry.  Thanks, pondhopper, for the idea!

I will update more, soon, I promise, but I did want to quickly peak in from work and say, "Hello!"  There is so much to tell, I really don't know where to begin.  It would make one very long single entry, to be certain!  So, I think I will post once a day, about a certain subject in my life, until I'm all caught up.  I also have to pay for my LJ and upload userpics.  I'll try to do that tonight.

My main purpose in coming here just now was to look at my entries from this date in 2010, as the anniversary of my mom's passing is today; in fact, at 3:39 p.m. ET.  There is just something about the first anniversary of life events, and then the five-year marks, that impacts us a bit more.  Off to read them!

I look forward to catching up with all of you the most.

Merry Christmas!
I'm posting from my phone until I figure out why posting directly to LJ causes problems when using a keyboard (if you didn't see my prior post, it starts out fine, but then some letters don't show up when I depress the keys -- both at home and at work).

I hate typing on my phone, even though I have the iPhone 6 Plus.

Anyway...! Christmas!Read more...Collapse )

Dad is not doing too good. He has gained 70 lbs. of water weight. He's in an assisted living facility raping him for what money is left and he will have to leave when he goes on Medicaid. But these are all his decisions. I've washed my hands. It's all very complicated and I'm not looking for advice. I don't mean to sound curt, truly, but I've run the gamut with him and have nothing left.

I hope your Christmas or Hanukkah was wonderful!

Wonderful news!

Our daughter just called us. She arrived home to find that Brandon had decorated their apartment and strung up all the reasons he loved her. Then he asked her to marry him!! We are so happy for them and very excited!



2 weeks old, all ready for church!

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My new granddaughter!

Adelyn Gabrielle Dickey, born 1/15/14

We are overjoyed!

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Thank you!
thank you by eyesthatslay
Thank you, mountainmama, for your very generous donation to my Cycle for Survival Team!

Yes, I'm begging again.
Christmas Cabin by eyesthatslay
If you have $5.00...$10.00...please.

Yesterday, I lost yet another friend, Valerie, to Angiosarcoma. She had recently been married when diagnosed last year. Her husband is a big, loving teddy bear who never thought twice about staying right by her side. All dreams of a long life together and children vanished as the chemo ravaged her body.

Yes, volunteering with Angiosarcoma Awareness, Inc. has opened my heart to a lot of hurt. But what I gain from knowing these wonderful people far makes up for that, even if they are gone too, too fast.

I am relatively healthy. I need to act. Therefore, on February 8, my family will be driving two hours to the nearest Cycle for Survival center in Equinox, NJ where I will get on a stationary bike and peddle as long as I can until the other take over for me. I shouldn't do this...I'm overweight, out of shape, may hurt my back and be out of work, but I must.

Please donate. Thank you, pondhopper, cathyteach2 and eyesthatslay for already doing so.


Stuck is good!

I'm stuck in a chair at my hair salon while highlights and base color do their job. Then I am driving right down the road to watch Dylan while Shaun and Jeena get out for a couple of hours.

Meanwhile, Mike is at home waiting for Ethan to arrive and they will go to see the movie Frozen together. Amanda is joining them. Ethan is staying overnight! I'm sure he will want to bake cookies tomorriw. It's supposed to snow!

No pay until Monday, so no shopping this weekend. I will wrap the little I have. I really should practice making braciole on Sunday, which I want to serve on Christmas with my lasagna. And if my Christmas cards arrive, I can get them signed and ready to mail. If they don't, I will knock them out at work next week.

Tomorrow Mike is repointing the fire brick in our fireplace so that we can have safe fires this winter. :-)

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


Dylan's First Halloween
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